Prefab Versus Stick-Built Homes: Why Prefab is the Perfect Choice for You (Applications, Benefits, Cost Savings) | Townhome Prefab Contractor, Metro Vancouver

Out with the Old, In with the New (Way of Building): Prefab Structures

The days of brick and mortar homes are behind us and the future of prefabricated buildings are awaiting us. You can now design exactly what you want, and Pro-Fit industry-leading experts can help you progress your dream into a reality.

Pro-Fit is not only just a hotel prefab construction company but is also experienced in multi-family buildings, condominiums, apartment complexes and student residences among many other structures. With the trusted team including dependable townhome prefab contractors, experienced design analysts and trusted production coordinators, Pro-Fit guaranteed customer satisfaction while using high-quality products, backed with expert design and architectural expertise.

Pro-Fit has revolutionized the perspective that homes should be built through a long and extensive process and has innovated the Prefabricated home that includes pre-fabricated stairs, wall panels, flooring systems, roof trusses and materials. Modern Pro-Fit prefab, or modular, homes help you design the perfect structure that you have always imagined.

Pro-Fit materials are extremely light, can be constructed much faster than stick-fit homes, are much more cost-efficient and are more environmentally friendly. Prefabricated structures can be easily transferred from place to place meaning that prefab homes are 30% faster to build so that you and your family can enjoy your home faster. Where a traditional home takes anywhere from five to six months to be completely built, a prefabricated home takes three to four months, so you can spend more time enjoying your home than building it. 


Reducing the Carbon Footprint One Prefab Home at a Time

If you are still skeptical on Prefab homes, (maybe a conjured image of the Three Little Piggies where the Wolf blows all the houses down), it is important to note that Prefab homes withstand up to one hundred seventy-five miles an hour, are much more environmentally friendly and the home insurance is the same as site-built or constructed homes. In a quickly changing society, prefab homes are becoming more prominent because of the rapid development and small carbon footprint; a Pro-Fit prefab structure actually is 30% less environmentally wasteful than a stick-built home.

Prefab homes are developed with outstanding architects, designers, artists and contractors that will ensure your home will withstand rough weather conditions. Modular homes are becoming more accessible in Canada because they look like traditional homes, but have the functionality of an environmentally friendly home. 


Metro Vancouver’s Most Trusted Prefab Company

With Metro Vancouver rapidly expanding, Pro-Fit has loyal clients in Chiliwack, Vancouver, Abbotsford, Langley, Surrey and the greater Vancouver area. Pro-Fit is an expert in modular design, construction, framing and installation and will not quit until you are satisfied; high-quality parts and services, precise beam measuring and perfect coordinates are what set apart Pro-Fit apart from its competitors. Pro-Fit engages with each individual client to guarantee that their dream home becomes a reality while building a superior and modern home. If you are looking for affordable, dependable and expert-built home or structure, Pro-Fit is your best option.


Pro-Fit is the Best Fit: The Leading Prefab Contractor in Metro Vancouver 

Pro-Fit ensures exceptional roof installation and integrity, utmost quality secured beams and materials and the most knowledgeable staff to answer every detailed query you will have. Let Pro-Fit become your best fit, allowing us to engineer top of the line model prefab homes at a fraction of the cost. Long gone are the days of longing for your perfect home, now you can literally build exactly what you have always imagined. 

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