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As prefab and modular construction are gaining popularity they have been more questions about them. Many people use the two terms interchangeably but that isn’t exactly right, we will break that down here today. 

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What Determines a Prefabricated Building

Prefab, or prefabricated structure construction, refers to making prefabricated panels and modules in a controlled environment. It is the umbrella term that is used to describe this type of construction being done away from the actual construction site. Because of this, there are a variety of different types of structures made by using prefab construction and various buildings that are a portion prefab constructed as well.

Prefabricated construction is recently rising in popularity within the industry, quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of construction. Prefab is considered to be more eco-friendly than other construction options as any waste generated from creating the modules is recycled in the factory it was built in. There is also no site disruption because the whole structure is produced in a factory. This helps prefab be a lot quicker than the traditional construction process. Because of this quick process, reduced waste, and minimal damage to the site prefab is a very cost-effective form of construction. 


Benefits of Using Prefab For Your Job

Prefabrication boasts multiple aspects that help to reduce cost and time which furthers the cost savings even more. By having a shorter construction period, the less various associated things such as real estate taxes, interest, insurance, and other costs tied to a construction period that are typically called “soft costs”. Which means the sooner your building can start making you revenue. Prefabricated buildings have a lot of advantages against a traditional on-site construction job, including:

  • Streamlined project schedules
  • Increased safety
  • Minimal site damages 
  • Avoiding issues related to weather
  • Significantly lower waste and noise pollution
  • Convenient storage
  • Control over the working environment and supervision
  • Reduced environmental impact


What is a Modular Building?

Modular construction is a subsect of prefab construction, having the whole production being done in a factory as well. The modules that are created are essentially box-like units that make up the entire structure.

Modular structure construction can be done with various materials from wood framing, hot rolled steel, concrete, cold-formed steel, or any form of a combination of these materials. Modular focuses on an inside out technique and approach to construction. They are first initially constructed as planes then fitted as boxes and finished working from the inside out. Modular style construction is a popular type of prefab construction because of its time-efficient process and cost-effectiveness.


So What is the Difference Between Them?

Basically, every modular building is a prefabricated building, but all prefabricated buildings are not guaranteed to be modular structures. Modular construction is just one of the many various types of prefab construction available. Prefab construction also encompasses other non-modular construction types including flat pack, light gauge steel, steel frame, and more.


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With all the benefits of prefabrication construction boasts its almost too tempting. From quick construction time, minimal onsite damage, the eco-friendly benefits, and more prefab is a great choice for any new project and work you might be looking into pursuing. Pro-Fit Structures is ready to work with you to construct your ideal project with our team’s years of experience within the prefab working backing us up. Get in touch today to get started on a new prefab journey!

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