PreFab Wood Construction, Chilliwack, BC – Push for Affordability and Sustainability

Whether you’re designing a residential multi-family home or commercial building, there are a ton of benefits when you opt for prefabricated structures. 

It’s been estimated that the cost of prefabricated buildings is a whopping 20% cheaper than traditional on-site stick-built structures.

Pro-Fit delivers exceptional results for medium to large residential and multi-family buildings, hotels, condominiums, apartment complexes, senior living facilities, townhouses, student residences and affordable housing projects.

Pro-Fit Structures works in modular design, framing and installation. Our prefab wood construction company in Chilliwack BC has a wealth of experience in light frame constructions. As a trusted roof trusses installation contractor, we bring you unparalleled quality at every step of the way. 

What exactly are prefab structures?

These modular structures are made in a factory-controlled setting in separate sections, and moved to the erection site where they are constructed on durable foundations by experienced Pro-Fit contractors. 

Prefab vs site-built: Site-built structures come with a lot of design and engineering issues. Prefab aims to solve these issues as they are time-efficient, reduce waste and control costs. These are also extremely energy efficient. It has been seen that site-built residential and commercial constructions take almost 4 months longer to complete than their prefab counterparts. 

All beams and materials are cut to measure beforehand, leaving the framing to be done on-site. 

Modular prefab constructions can easily cut down project time by at least 30%!


Prefab Wood and Timber Superstructures – Great Design Flexibility

In the modern era, prefabricated building components are optimized for manufacturing excellence and performance through the use of cutting-edge digital tools. 

Because of their design efficiency, prefabricated structures allow developers to access a low-price, sustainable option that easily stands the test of time. 

At Pro-Fit, all structures are constructed with the highest quality materials, following strict health and safety planning standards. 

Upon arriving at the construction site, these are ready to be assembled immediately, cutting down on on-site assembly time.

How does prefab save time? Well, as the materials are being constructed in-factory, work already begins on pouring the building’s foundation on-site. Given that these materials are created in a controlled environment, the risk of on-site technical errors is significantly lower – no rework!

Apart from this, off-site modular production also enables clients to have access to design flexibility, and integrate the final structure as they desire.