Types and Cost of Prefab Structures: Which Works Best For Your Project?

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Prefab structures are rising in popularity and can be used for a range of different buildings from houses to offices. Not only can they save time on construction, but they can also have environmental benefits, save money, minimize damage to the location, and more. With that, there’s no doubt why so many are looking for a prefab contractor to help their project. We serve Vancouver, Chilliwack, Surrey, Langley, Abbotsford and the Greater Vancouver Area. Need a quote or have questions? Call us at (604)703-1660.

Pro-Fit Structures are experts in the world of prefab, both in prefab construction and lumber material suppliers. Our team serves the Greater Vancouver Area including Vancouver, Chilliwack,  Surrey, Langley, and Abbotsford and surrounding areas. Choose a trusted hotel prefab construction company, and choose Pro-Fit Structures today for your next project.


Types of Prefab Buildings


Modular buildings are defined by having one or more modules built in a factory and then transported separately to the building site. Typically, each module comes outfitted with any interior fittings they might have such as; doors, plumbing, stairs, electrical, closets, and more.  This allows for less time onsite to be spent finishing when every module is assembled.



Instead of modules, panelized buildings are made in panels, such as a whole wall, and then similarly transported to the site and constructed. Panelized homes might need more finishing than modular homes, because of their size with painting, installing cabinets and stairs, and flooring to be completed on-site. The onsite construction is generally longer than modular for this reason. Depending on the scale and project this could add a month or more.



Pre-cut buildings are also commonly called kit buildings. Some examples of pre-cut buildings are log cabins or dome homes, these are designed in-factory and then shipped out to the site to be constructed. There is some overlap with panelized buildings, some pre-cut buildings are panelized, but not every panelized building is pre-cut.

Pre-cut are often compared to being akin to IKEA furniture. They typically come with instructions and a detailed list of parts and materials included. With a specific layout and design, this type of construction is best for only certain buildings and is more popularly used with housing than other types. 


Prefab Pricing

One of the biggest selling points of buying prefab is that typically, they’re less expensive to build than a more traditionally built structure. There are a couple of reasons for this and how the pricing is so low, first of all, time spent. With a modular or panel build, labour can be effectively managed to let work be done much quicker. Another point knocking down the cost is the lessened waste produced. Instead of multiple contractors delivering materials and creating excess materials, everything is built in the factory efficiently with reduced waste. 

Another reason for savings is bulk purchases, the contractors are typically buying in bulk for materials for their production and can pass on those savings to you as well. Overall it’s said that a modular structure can save you approximately 10% or 20% on the total cost, depending on your project. Quality isn’t sacrificed with this pricing either, actually, a lot of companies take extra care to make sure modules and panels don’t get damaged during transport and by being made in a factory this avoids any environmental damage that could have happened during traditional construction.


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